Gordo Blog Better Than the Real Thing; Water Trend More Ridiculous

A true innovator has started a mock Gordon Ramsay blog with such posts as “What? Emeril’s boobs aren’t nice enough?” But when will someone step in to fill in the gaps at Chodoblog? [News Groper via Serious Eats]
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No holiday parties at Chumley’s this year; according to the owner Steve Shlopak, the space has no ceiling and no floor. [NYO]

Even after a top-chef shuffle and “showdown between Fiamma, L’Impero and Alto … all three places have come through recent turmoil, and the good news is that they’re better than they were before,” says Steve Cuozzo. [NYP]

Ed Levine wonders when food is too expensive and finds the motivation of the people who produce and make the food counts for a lot. [New York Eats]

Steak Frites, once doomed Charolais (or was it Cote d’Or) at 225 Varick Street opens for dinner this weekend. [NYT]

Did Irving Mill fire a food runner who served Chelsea Clinton the wrong appetizer on his first night? [NYP]

Bourbon seems to be the new Scotch these days, so it’s a good thing we’ve also compiled a list of gift-worthy bottles recommended by the guest taster in this roundup, Brandy Library‘s Ethan R. Kelley. [NYT]
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Water more overwrought: The “premiumization” trend subjects us to a limited-edition Bling H20 and the (supposedly acid-free) Tasmanian Rain. [Trendwatching via Eat for Victory/VV]

In an impressive example of selling “bitch” celebrity, Season One Top Cheftestant Dave Martin has created a menu at his new restaurant Crave, which features such clever dishes as Filet Mignon With Groovy Gorgonzola and Sassy Sea Bass. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]

Gordo Blog Better Than the Real Thing; Water Trend More Ridiculous