Good Dog Rolls Over and Dies

March 2007.
March 2007.haha

It’s always hard when a favorite pet dies, and we’re taking this one especially hard. We’re getting reports from Down by the Hipster that Good Dog on St. Marks is kaput. For the eulogy, we go to a local office worker.

April 2007.haha

The dogs weren’t that good. I think they were the easiest thing to wolf down at lunch when you’ve squandered your lunch break by working. It was an expensive dog, with bad marketing. And they had really bad pre-bought pics of dogs in frames. Terrible art direction.

July 2007.Photo: Daniel MaurerWe can only imagine how much the lovingly constructed mascot will, um, fetch on eBay. But here’s a plea — can someone please buy the space, keep the dog, and bring Italian hot dogs to Manhattan? Anyone who has been to Dickie Dee’s or Jimmy Buff’s in Jersey knows the joy of fried potato wedges, snappy deep-fried hot dogs, and grilled peppers and onions stuffed into a bun. Now that’s a business model.

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Good Dog Rolls Over and Dies