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Gael Greene’s Secrets of Restaurant Seduction

If there’s one thing you can count on Gael Greene to deliver, it’s tales of seduction by food — and her latest post has it in spades. This time, it’s from the male point of view, as Gael offers a “service feature on seduction,” courtesy of her friend Francesco, “the teflon Romeo, in and out of love constantly, an outright chauvinist pig, in fact, but as a pal, really fun, full of zest and unfailingly loyal.” Francesco’s advice includes the following helpful tips:

Strip House: “When a woman says she wants meat, she’s already telling you something,” he says. “She doesn’t mind showing you her appetite. I ask for a two in the back. There’s nothing to intimidate her. She’s comfortable. That’s the secret. You order the rib eye for two. The truffled potatoes. That chocolate cake, of course. She is charmed. You can be sure she’s coming to bed with you.”

One If by Land, Two If by Sea: “Forget it. A joke. The Terrace. Never. Never. The minute you walk in she knows what you have in mind. You might as well write her a note ‘Tonight I expect to do it.’ It’s too obvious.”

Gilt: The perfect place for a newly divorced 40-year-old. “She will remember when it was Le Cirque and it will be like she never left.”

Asia de Cuba: Ideal for Eurotrash. “She would have a funny cocktail and the Philippe Starck look and people she recognizes. She’s at home.”

Jean Georges: “Jean Georges at lunch could not be more sexy. She knows she looks good in that light. That food. The surprising combinations. The incredible tastes. So sensuous. Too much wine. She is transported. By three o’clock she doesn’t even remember she is in New York.”

Sex After Dinner For the Wily Gourmand [Insatiable Critic]

Gael Greene’s Secrets of Restaurant Seduction