Forget Those Turkeys

In the run-up to Thanksgiving (and the end of the election), we’d like to take some of the spotlight away from turkey for a while and place it on another, more accessible, everyday fowl. It’s all fine and good to trade gobbler recipes, but how often are you going to use them? If your answer is any more than once a year, we have to seriously question your honesty.

Meanwhile, we’ve all got to have dinner on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons and so on, and the time of year for oven-cooking is definitely upon us.

It was with great pleasure that we watched today’s Amateur Gourmet TV bit on how to roast a chicken. As the weather cools and the fog turns to actual rain, there is nothing in the world more delicious than coming home to a house that smells of roast chicken (or pot-roast or pie, or just about any oven dish). This method is effective, simply explained and looks delicious.

If you want to place your roommate or significant other firmly under your control, just time one of these dishes to come out of the oven about 15 minutes after they get home from a rainy day of football or mountain biking or work or some such nonsense. As the inimitably welcoming and comforting scent envelopes them, they will become absolute putty, willing to take out the trash, do the laundry, scrub the bathtub, anything for a bite of that delicious-smelling dinner.

But if you want to use your power wisely, we’d recommend making them do the dishes. Roasting pans are nasty.

AGTV: How To Roast A Chicken

Forget Those Turkeys