The New York Diet

Model Catherine McNeil Finds Comfort in Chicken Burgers

“I had salad niçoise. That’s my favorite.”haha

Earlier this year Times fashion writer Guy Trebay declared 17-year-old Catherine McNeil to be “fashion’s latest crush,” citing her photo shoots for Mario Testino, her campaigns for Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana, and her sudden status as the sought-after runway model. McNeil has lived on the Lower East Side since moving from Australia in February and can often be found at expat hangout Ruby’s wolfing chicken burgers like her mom used to make. “It’s chicken breast, and you can put lettuce and sweet chili sauce and stuff on it,” she explains. Not that she did much eating out this week between shoots for Another magazine and Versace. We caught her on the way to the airport (she was flying to Paris for a Gaultier shoot) and asked her what she noshed on.

Monday, November 5
We were doing Versace. I had some banana bread for breakfast. I went out to lunch at Barolo with my booker because I was working in the morning. I had sea bass with Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes. I had cheesecake for dessert.

Tuesday, November 6
I had Raisin Bran for breakfast. I usually don’t like eating first thing in the morning. For lunch I had a huge plate of green salad and vegetables. For dinner I had chicken noodle soup and a honey-and-oat bar from room service. I don’t like cooking because you cook too much and the food gets wasted.

Wednesday, November 7
I worked from 11 am to 7 p.m., shooting for Another magazine. I had a handful of nuts and some fruit for breakfast on the job. For lunch I had some vegetables and salad. When I got home, I was so tired that I passed out, so I didn’t eat dinner.

Thursday, November 8
I had some scrambled eggs and fruit on the shoot. For lunch I had salad. I worked late and then went home and fell asleep, so I missed dinner again.

Friday, November 9
I woke up starving. I had a toasted egg, ham, and cheese sandwich. For lunch I had salad niçoise — with tuna and carrots and stuff like that. That’s my favorite salad. And I had a chocolate-chip cookie. I try to eat healthy and clean food — not eat bad stuff. You can’t go and eat five chocolate bars every day.

Model Catherine McNeil Finds Comfort in Chicken Burgers