Dungeness Fever

Do you hear that giant slurping sound? That’s us licking our chops in a big way because… are you ready?… Crab season opens tomorrow. Hell yes. Crab season. We get very giddy this time of year because, outside of a good al pastor super burrito, local Dungeness might just be our favorite food ever.

But we risk getting your hopes up: if you want to eat fresh crab next week you’re going to have to catch it yourself, or know somebody who has. The commercial season starts mid-month, so only sport fishers will be hoisting up pots for the next couple of weeks. Check back here for more information on the commercial opening.

The Chronicle’s Brian Hoffman relates some interesting gossip on the upcoming season in the fishing report. Apparently there’s a chance the big, industrial out-of-towners won’t come down? We don’t know what that will do to prices, but stay tuned. We’re sure to find out.

Also, the first crab festival of the season takes place at the end of the month. It’s being put on by Slow Food San Francisco, and includes local fishing delegates.

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Dungeness Fever