Dumpling House Opens In Philly

Man. We’ve got some good, good news for Chinese food lovers in Philly.

Frequent travelers on the Philly-to-New York Chinatown bus are familiar with Dumpling House, the pint-sized dumpling and sesame pancake spot a stone’s throw away from the bus stop on Eldridge Street.

Well, Philadining just tipped us off that a branch of Dumpling House has just opened in Philly. We can’t explain how great Dumpling House’s stuffed sesame pancakes with beef are. Basically, it’s a wedge of Beijing-style sesame pancake (think Chinese focaccia) cut through the middle and packed with beef, cilantro, veggies, cilantro and hot peppers. In other words: amazing.

The fried dumplings are damn good too. Prices are more expensive than New York’s ($2.50 for a pancake as opposed to $1.50; $2.50 for dumplings as opposed to $1.00)… but are still a ridiculous bargain.

This makes us very happy.

Dumpling House [Philadining]

[Image via Philadining]

Dumpling House Opens In Philly