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Desperate ChefsWives Resigned to Blogging the Pain

Wait, she's married to Ed Grimley?
Wait, she’s married to Ed Grimley?haha

Chefs tend to be notoriously bad husbands and boyfriends, and the reason is obvious: They’re at work all night, they love to pop corks and hit the dummy pipe, and there are always foxy waitresses, servers, and even diners eager for the “fourth course.” But don’t despair if you’re stuck with one of these scoundrels. There’s a blog for you. It’s called Desperate ChefsWives of NYC. Essentially a one-woman support group written anonymously, it’s filled with details of her personal life, from her man’s addiction to plastic wrap to her discovery of other women in the same predicament via Google. “So many other women have e-mailed me who are in the same situation,” the blogger tells us. “They say, ‘I can’t believe you said that, because I say it all the time.’ Some lady in Ohio wrote asking me if she should leave her boyfriend. There are a lot of us out there.”

Desperation aside, the author’s own domestic situation seems rather stable, which kind of detracts from the site’s entertainment value, you know? What it really needs is more sob stories! We want a blog that reads like a chef-y telenova! But given what goes on in those naughty chef circles, it’s only a matter of time. We’ll wait, breath baited.

Also, the real question: Who’s her husband? What chef has inspired his wife to blog? Check out the site for yourself; your guesses (and yes, we expect you to have some) in the comments below, please.

Desperate ChefsWives of NYC

Desperate ChefsWives Resigned to Blogging the Pain