Danny DeVito Teaches You How to Pour His Limoncello

Danny DeVito: not smashed on limoncello...yet.
Danny DeVito: not smashed on limoncello…yet.haha Photo: Matt Peyton/Getty Images

Because being a celebrity means having your own brand of something, Danny DeVito is in the limoncello business (fitting, as he rather famously appeared on The View one morning, and after acting, um, blotto, he admitted to having stayed up all night drinking limoncellos with George Clooney). We had the chance to drop in for a Danny DeVito’s Limoncello training session at the Marriott Marquis the other night, and we have to say, we wish Johnny Walker were this much fun. The cute-as-a-button actor didn’t have to show up to tutor the staff on how to pour his personally branded liqueur, but that’s just the kind of guy he is — really! “Did you drink it yet?” he asked us. We told him no, and he handed us an autographed bottle, thrusting it into our hands like the warm, tiny, Italian uncle we never had. “Here, have a bottle!”

After a few earnest words about his personal elixir, DeVito went back to posing for pictures with the tasty spirit. So we turned our attention to the live band playing the compulsively catchy Danny DeVito Limoncello Theme Song (emphasis ours):

Danny DeVito’s Limoncello!

It’s a taste of life from this famous fellow!

It’s oh so very nice

Perfect served cold on ice

The finest summer drink from Italy!

Click below to hear the song, and then listen to it over and over and over again. Mesmeric.

Danny DeVito Teaches You How to Pour His Limoncello