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African turkey, courtesy of Marcus Samuelsson.
African turkey, courtesy of Marcus Samuelsson.haha

With all New York offers, it’s still not enough. Our appetite for change and novelty is insatiable and voracious. Good thing we have this week’s magazine! Why bother with traditional Thanksgiving, when there are so many global options here? We have recipes for Chinese Thanksgiving from Joe Ng of Chinatown Brasserie, Mexican Thanksgiving from Aaraon Sanchez of Centrico and Paladar, African Thanksgiving from Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit, and more. And if all that isn’t novel enough, and you have to jet out of town, we can tell you where to eat while you’re waiting – both in the airport, and in the surrounding areas. Finally, if you’re sticking close to home, the Underground Gourmet suggests where to get a proper hero.

The Globalist’s Thankgiving

Mexican Thanksgiving

A Chinese Thanksgiving

French Thanksgiving

African Thanksgiving

Italian Thanksgiving

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Come Fly With Us in This Week’s Issue