CityPaper’s 2007 Best Of

So the CityPaper has finally announced their Best of Philly winners. Some of our favorites:

Best Nationally Hyped Sandwich That Actually Manages to Be Good: The cheesesteak BLT at Vesuvio.

Most Delicious Hoagie on the Cheap: The $1.50 hoagies at West Philly’s Reb’s Market.

Best New Stay-At-Home Dad Destination: South Philly’s new Infusion Coffee & Tea.

Greatest Advances in the Field of Mussels: The 20+ mussel dishes including Jamaican- and Thai- style at Zot.

Best Goat Fish for Goat Haters: The cabrito at Cantina Los Caballitos.

Worst Haunt for Nonsmokers: McGlinchey’s.

Food/Drink [CityPaper]


CityPaper’s 2007 Best Of