Chart Of The Week: America Still The Best At Something!

That “something” is spending money. This chart shows that the United States leads in annual per capita spending on foodservice…service. As we were preparing our sociocultural analysis of the data, something about it struck us as very familiar. And then we realized, oh yeah! They had the same freakin’ chart in June, except with total spending per country instead of per capita. We totally called them on it, and took the liberty of dividing things out by population. We came up with the following numbers (skipping Japan since, at the time, they only had the figures for Tokyo and Osaka):

USA: $1,290

Canada: $935

Germany: $679

Great Britain: $806

France: $809

Spain: $962

We were gratified to see that our numbers more or less match up with the chart that Nation’s Restaurant News put out this week (except Canada - what happened, guys?), but also totally annoyed that they completely mailed this one in. Because it’s intellectually lazy to repeat yourself, that’s why! We realize that probably nobody else in the world cares about this particular issue, so thank you for bearing with us. Beyond that, our thoughts from four months ago still stand.

[Photo: Nation’s Restaurant News]

Chart Of The Week: America Still The Best At Something!