Blog Reviews: Week(s) Of Not Being Here While Reviews Mercilessly Accumulated

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place during the past two weeks, in alphabetical order by restaurant. Also, apologies if you’ve seen these summarized in other venues, but we strive for completeness

• The turkey focaccia at Costello Sandwich & Sides (Lincoln Square / Roscoe Village) is a popular sandwich, but favorite sandwiches are a particularly partisan issue. Do you have one? [Chicagoist]

• Yeah, there are a surfeit of Irish bars in River North, but D4 Irish Pub & Cafe actually has good food (Jameson chipotle Buffalo wings with lime-cliantro crème fraiche?) [The Stew]

• Bridget and Tammy give Devon Seafood Grill an 8 1/2. Podcast length - 15:26 [Chicago Bites]

• Hot-right-now Szechuan newcomer Double Li offers black pepper-garlic-butter flank steak, whose preparation you can see in the accompanying YouTube [Food Chain]

• If you go to Ginza, you can watch them slice up big hunks of tuna! [Chicago Foodies]

• The stilton-garlic burger at Goose Island Brew Pub has been watered down over the years, now with too little cheese and too much bun. You may be better off with the slider version. [Chicago Burger Project]

• You probably don’t eat enough Filipino baked ham. Perhaps to try some at Joy & James Cafe in Albany Park? [Food Chain]

• When you go to the new Korean Seoulfood Cafe, be sure to ask for the “hardcore” Korean menu in addition to the regular American one. You may get beef tongue soup that way! [Hungry Mag]

• After appearing on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, everyone ran over to Smoque BBQ to see if it was as good as 1) they heard 2) they remembered it. Answer for both: a resounding yes. Try the chicken or brisket, if not the baby backs, and don’t forget the peach cobbler [Chicagoist, Drive-Thru]

• Is the Semiramis spot blowing up? Looks that way. Get your kibbeh trio now, while the lines are short [Drive-Thru]

• Low-key tea at the new Suzi’s Tea & Cafe, where you and your kid will be welcomed by the mother-proprietor [Chicagoist]

• Bridget and Tammy give TABLE fifty-two a 6 1/2. Ouch! Podcast length - 14:47 [Chicago Bites]

• Monica Eng swoons over the new breakfast offerings at Wow Bao on State and Wacker - try the breakfast jasmine rice bowl with scrambled eggs, spicy bacon or sausage, and sambal [The Stew]

[Photo: Warwick Public Library]


Blog Reviews: Week(s) Of Not Being Here While Reviews Mercilessly Accumulated