Blog Reviews: Week Of Being Jerked Around, Transit-Wise, Again

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Is Blackbird still as wonderful as everyone always says it is? Yes! Absolutely! Also, bacon ice cream! [Chicago Foodies]

• The hype is right: the cubano at El Cubanito is fantastic. So hot right now [Chicagoist, Food Chain]

• The service is newly fabulous at Eleven City Diner, where the vegan food and urinals also impress (not at the same time) [Drive-Thru]

• Wow, how do you feel about a south Indian restaurant (Hyderabad House) that doesn’t have a single vegetarian entree? Pretty gosh darn good [Big Sweet Tooth]

• In the pantheon of hot dog places, Jimmy’s Red Hots is right up there. Note that ketchup is not allowed for either the dogs or your fries (so parochial!) [Chicagoist]

• Freshness is guaranteed at Kiko’s Market & Restaurant, what with its in-house butcher shop. Delicious, hearty, southeast European grub served by the family, with a smile [Big Sweet Tooth]

• New menu item at Kuma’s Corner: the Goblin Cock. It’s a hot dog with pico de gallo and mustard, and if you add ketchup, like at Jimmy’s, they kick you out [Drive-Thru]

• Logan Square staple Lula Cafe reminds Misty Tosh (favorably) of New York. She loves it, and so will you [Big Sweet Tooth]

• Brave the dangers of Uptown, real or imagined, for Magnolia Cafe, a locally loved New American stalwart [Chicago Foodies]

• If you like central European food and cultural oddities, Operetta makes a damn good Janosik’s Rib [Hungry Mag]

• Would you believe that Seven On State, on the 7th floor of Macy’s, has a top-notch salad bar? No? Well, it’s true, regardless [Chicago Foodies]

• Did you know that Sweets & Savories’ Kobe-foie gras-truffled mayo burger is only $10 on Wednesday nights? Word [Chicago Foodies]

[Photo: oh yeah, Springfield? How would you like it if we erased your interstates!]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Being Jerked Around, Transit-Wise, Again