An Open Letter

Dear Sam Holden,

Hey there. We just finished reading your article entitled “Why Women Can’t Cook.” Sam, we’re sorry that your wife is allegedly, an awful cook. We’re sorry that you’ve been subjected to overcooked pork chops and soggy pasta in sour creme fraiche. But really? You want to turn that into evidence that women can’t cook because:
•”All they can do is to cater”
•”Women are less inclined to experiment. Good cooks are those who take risks, who wonder whether X goes well with Y, or perhaps even with Q. If it fails, it doesn’t matter, you can always start again. Women are more afraid of failure, perhaps because they are wary of all that nasty male criticism, so it does them well to stick to well-trodden recipes.”
•”Blinded by a series of numbers and symbols, they get confused, and usually add the wrong amount of sugar or salt, or, more likely, substitute one for the other.” (Note: this is sooo true. Math is hard!)
•And finally “The reason why men make better chefs than women is precisely because we are sensationally good at multi-tasking.” (Oh, really?)

Come on, Holden. We pray to god that you’re trying for satire here (although the last paragraph makes us suspect you’re being earnest), but, really, you can’t do better than sub-Alan Partridge jokes about women’s abilities? Really? We can’t even be much bothered to respond angrily to this sexist claptrap. Please work harder next time.

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An Open Letter