Amuse Bouche: What To Do With Halloween Leftovers?

It’s the day after Halloween and the odds are that you currently have a lot of extra pumpkin and/or candy lying around your house. What to do with all these leftovers? Well, you could throw the pumpkin away and eat the candy while watching the E! True Hollywood Story, but that would be wasteful, unhealthful, and lame. Why not cook a delicious leftover feast instead? We’ve scoured the internet (okay, mostly Epicurious) for recipes for a great day-after-Halloween dinner. Just cut out the candle-besmirched part of your jack-o-lantern, and you’re ready to go.

First Course: We’re very intrigued by this warm pumpkin salad with polenta and candied pumpkin seeds. It looks awfully hearty and like it could pretty easily be an entree, but we think that small portions could keep at at the first course level. Candied pumpkin seeds are, truly, a delight and the dish contains arugula, which is, to our mind, the Reigning Monarch Of Leafy Greens.

Second Course: Oh man. Check out this pumpkin cannelloni with clams and sage brown butter! We used to be scared of cooking clams, but it turns out it’s as simple as can be. Also, we’re 99.9% sure that there are very few things in this world that can’t be improved by being swathed in sage brown butter. All together, it’s a very classic flavor profile and one we’d eat any time.

Dessert: These candy bar chocolate brownies sound so good (so good! so good!) and they’re from Dave Lieberman, on whom we have a total crush. (Seriously, sometimes we just watch Good Deal and giggle moonily at the screen). The brownies sound super decadent and we want to eat about eighteen of them right this second.

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[Photo: Flickr: K+K Kozloff]

Amuse Bouche: What To Do With Halloween Leftovers?