Airport Food Gets Elevated

The Globe recently ran a nice roundup of some exciting changes in the dining scene at Logan Airport. It seems that Terminal B, formerly the subpar international terminal, has gotten fancy with a branch of Todd English’s Bonfire and a Legal C Bar, a new concept from Roger Berkowitz of Legal Sea Foods fame. There are also new options for sushi and organic foods.

All of this sounds very nice, but as we’ve discussed before, food at Logan has gotten to be pretty much okay in every terminal, save for one. The food choices in Terminal E continue to be truly unfortunate. When we fly out of Logan, nine times out of ten we are going to see our grandparents in Michigan. If you’re flying to Detroit, you’re flying Northwest (which, by the way, is its own Jobian burden), which flies out of Terminal E. The Globe article tries to pretend that Terminal E has recently gotten better dining options. We must wonder what they’re referring to. Is it the Sbarro? The Au Bon Pain? Perhaps the Houlihan’s?

As always, we maintain that, should you have to fly out of Terminal E, your best bet is to stop at Santarpio’s Pizza beforehand. Alternately, you can do as we do and pack yourself a sack lunch of a nice baguette from Clear Flour, some prosciutto, a little goat cheese, and a nice (pre-dressed!) salad. It may not be quite as substantial as you’d like, but hey, it beats dried out airport food any day.

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[Photo: The Airchive]

Airport Food Gets Elevated