Afternoon Food Burst On NYTimes!

Normally we wouldn’t mention this, but four good food-related articles all went live on within a few minutes of each other:

• Genetically modified sugar beets designed for herbicide immunity are about to hit the fields, but biotech foes are not taking it lying down. What will Hershey’s do? [Round 2 for Biotech Beets]

• In Italy, aging gardeners are waging a war on biohomogenization, trying to keep alive ancestral vegetable variants [Backyard Gardens Shelter Europe’s Orphan Seeds]

• Restaurant portion sizes are largely controlled by executive chefs, who don’t give much credence to USDA guidelines. It’s why you’re fat! [Oversized Portions? Blame the Chef]

• The guy who invented Gatorade just died at 80 of…kidney failure. Careful what you drink! [Robert Cade, Gatorade Creator, Dies]


Afternoon Food Burst On NYTimes!