A Special Chronicle Over Coffee

There are a couple of articles in today’s Chronicle that ought to be rounded up:

The ban on plastic grocery bags goes into effect tomorrow. Thanks to a law passed in March, no city grocery stores will be allowed to offer “paper or plastic” as of midnight, tonight. It’s all paper, now, baby. And the law will extend to drug stores in another six months. Wonder if this law will be enforced as strictly as the ban on styrofoam takeout containers? [Starting Tuesday, plastic bags illegal at big S.F. grocery stores]

Last week’s article on underpaid line cooks made such a splash, the Chron got a second story out of it by just re-printing some of the letters they got. One waiter wrote:

With the structure of the house where I work, I will pay out of my pocket 7 percent of my sales, which is 30 percent of gross tips hosts, bussers, bartenders, runners, etc. Every time I get “stiffed,” I literally pay to wait on people. Keep that in mind as you work to breed vitriol in the dining public against service staff.

Yoach! Wonder if this little conflict will find its way into City Hall? [Hard times working on the hot line]

A Special Chronicle Over Coffee