Citywide Truffle Shortage; A New Eastside Fro-Yo Foe

A citywide truffle shortage can explain why “the Waverly Inn jacked up the price of its infamous truffle-topped mac & cheese from $55 to $85. The dish was an amusing punch line at $55; at $85, it’s just obscene.” [NYP]
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Bruni eschews all the courtesies one suffers at the dinner table, which he refers to as restaurantspeak: “Would I ‘enjoy coffee with dessert?’ I don’t know; it depends how good the coffee is. I’ll have some, yes, then we’ll see.” [NYT]

FR.OG has now lost Jean Georges alum chef Didier Virot to the Plaza’s new restaurant-to-be, the Palm Court, set to open later this year. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

The sign on St. Marks Place that seemed to perpetually announce “Coming Soon — Frozen Yorgurt/Ice Cream” has finally given way to the latest frozen-yogurt competitor, Very Berry, which boasts jelly beans and cocoa puffs as specialty toppings. [Eat for Victory/VV]
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Bobo, Allen & Delancey, and Borough Food & Drink are all examples of restaurants where you can play dinner party if your own apartment is too small for the real thing. [NYP]

Mariebelle, Jacques Torres, and Vosges will each have a chocolate shop and café uptown by the end of this week. [NYT]

The former Le Cirque pastry sous-chef and his partner who are behind the Dessert Truck lurking around NYU have been so successful with their molten chocolate cakes and other sophisticated sweets that they can only stay out as late as stock holds up, and they are hiring part-time employees. [Eater]

Citywide Truffle Shortage; A New Eastside Fro-Yo Foe