A Few Food-Related Tidbits…

This weekend’s Michael Klein column in the Inky was filled with lots of food-related tidbits.

• Where we come from, “dive bar” is a compliment. It means a homey place to drink our Jim Beams on the rocks, listen to Creedence on the jukebox and chill the hell out after a long week at work. But not to the owners of the Irish Pub. They’re suing Philadelphia mag publishers Metrocorp because they called their Atlantic City outpost a “dive bar” in fellow mag AC Now.

• The previously mentioned Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse appears to be opening at 15th and Chestnut instead of the Packard Building. Shed a single tear for North Broad.

• Standard Tap is pro-foie gras and, therefore, we like them.


A Few Food-Related Tidbits…