A Detailed Closing

One story we missed in our weeklies roundup yesterday was this gigantic feature in the SF Weekly on Fanatics Sports Bar, aka Fanatics Ultra Lounge. We went there once for an amateur boxing match and it was rowdy, yes, but we figured that’s because we were at, well, an amateur boxing match.

Turns out the owner had a bit of trouble making the place float (longshoremen don’t want $15 lunches?), and had to fall back on catering to a younger crowd to bring in the bucks. That led to a spate of stabbings and shootings in the already troubled neighborhood of Bayview Hunters Point. From the Weekly:

“What the port approved was a bar and restaurant with entertainment for the 35-and-over crowd,” said the port’s real estate director, Susan Reynolds. “Had we known what [Fanatics owner] Mr. [Derf] Butler had in mind, we never would have approved it. Absolutely not.”

Well, the article goes on to detail Butler’s criminal history, which consists mainly of fraud. After getting busted for hanging paper in Chicago, Butler moved back to San Francisco and re-invented himself as a political hotshot, donating money to Amos Brown’s 1998 re-election, and making friends with Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris and Mark Leno, the Weekly reports.

And this is the group of lawmakers/enforcers charged with bringing down the city’s homicide rate?

A Detailed Closing