You Can Jack My Lantern Any Time: Top Ten Jackolanterns

We went trolling around the internet for the best jackolanterns (you know, since they’re made out of food), and we found ten that we liked. And RANKED them!

10) Barfing pumpkin (with beer), Red/Brian

It drank too much, obviously.

9) Winnie The Pooh, mmastsuura

This jackolantern terrifies us! So Japanese.

8) R2D2, Derringdos

Cute. Would like more holes, but must worry about accuracy.

7) Jack ‘O Lantern Mushroom, Cornell Mushroom Blog

Completely irrelevant that it’s from a different kingdom. It’s poisonous! People mistake it for Chanterelles! Also, Cornell mushroom blog!

6) A.C. Slater, robotrock/flickr

Um, amazing. Loses points for not being lit up.

5) Pumpkin Pi, Theoda/flickr

Conceptually clever. Loses points for being too easy to carve, gains a few back because the carver is taking it into work.

4) Cylon (Battlestar Galactica), MAKE

Wow. LEDs, even! Also, Cylons are really scary.

3) Dwight (The Office), jeffer72/flickr

Deep pop-culture relevancy. Fancy carving. Could have been a bit more in focus, but oh well.

2) Hokusai’s “36 Views of Mt. Fuji,” jessica_beagan/flickr

OMG. This is art. On a pumpkin. For real. Yes!

1) Cannibal pumpkin, Gregory Brown/flickr

Perfectly captures the holiday spirit. Reminds us of Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbs) and LOLcats, all at once. Expressions are spot on. Lovely.

For more sick jackos, check out Extreme Pumpkins. They do it right.

Have a hollow Happyween, everybody!


You Can Jack My Lantern Any Time: Top Ten Jackolanterns