Greenpoint Man Eats Everything on Four Legs

Scott Gold, aiming for conspicuous carnivorous consumption.
Scott Gold, aiming for conspicuous carnivorous consumption.haha Photo: Scott Gold

We are especially attached to edible animals, but we have to hand it to Greenpoint resident Scott Gold, the author of the forthcoming book The Shameless Carnivore. The 30-year-old former literary agent puts us to shame when it comes to the breadth of his appetites. Although his book is filled with dietetic information, ethics, meat lore, cultural anthropology, and the like, the thing that really turns us on is the part where he ate 31 animals in 31 days. “It wasn’t one a day,” Gold assures us. “Some nights it would be three or four. On venison night, I ate whitetail deer, antelope, elk, and caribou. But on the other hand, turtle soup took two days to prepare.”

The mild-mannered Scott’s carnivorous pursuits for the book didn’t end with this Noah’s Ark in reverse; he also endeavored to eat every part of the cow, and wrote an open letter to PETA as part of his project. How could we not approve so spirited an effort on behalf of meat? We like, too, that he lives in Greenpoint, home to so many Polish pork stores; it may keep Gold out of trouble when he runs out of elk and caribou.

The Shameless Carnivore [Official site]

Greenpoint Man Eats Everything on Four Legs