Viewing Pleasure: The Wild Hare Wins The Race

First, we thought we’d post the email we got about this cool marathon-related promotion that Soupbox is having:

Any Chicago Marathon finishers who come in with their medal will get a FREE SOUPBOX SOUP (breadbowl of any soup) to help nourish them back to recovery!

Just bring your medal to either one of these Soupbox locations:

2943 N. Broadway (on the marathon course between Oakdale & Wellington)

50 E. Chicago (between Michigan & Wabash)

Feel free to forward this email to anyone you know running the Chicago Marathon.

Good luck marathoners!

And then we thought, no, let’s write a piece about how Illinois (and Iowa, etc) was duped by corrupt politicians into this whole ethanol craze and is now going to have to deal with plunging prices. And again, we thought, nope. What about mentioning the finale of Top Chef, which has gotten so much coverage on the CFB that we felt no need whatsoever to weigh in? But we still don’t. Instead, we’ve brought you this graphic photo of a skinned bunny, ready to be turned into something delicious by Bridgestone of LTHForum. The photo won a “Special Citation From The Judges” in the LTH Photo Contest, as it “captures the LTHForum aesthetic.” Well, with apologies to the LTH community and Bridgestone, specifically, for not asking permission to run this photo, here it is:

Have a lovely Columbus Day weekend - we’re off to sunny New Mexico for the week, but we’ll be blogging some of the days. Woo!

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[Photo: Bridgestone/LTH]


Viewing Pleasure: The Wild Hare Wins The Race