Triangulating The TOC: Inside The Mind Of Charlie Trotter

It may not be our day, but it certainly is TOC’s! They’re really hitting on all cylinders today. Observe:

• David Tamarkin’s three (3) page investigative report on Charlie Trotter and Charlie Trotter’s. Is CT losing relevance and/or steam? No, not really!

One last look at the fruits of the Candy Expo. Funniest item in this one: a Dale Earnhardt Jr. chocolate bar called Big Mo’. Don’t anyone tell them what that means!

Pannenkoeken Cafe - a little one note? Maybe, but at least the note is sweet and sonorous.

• Even though it’s technically outside of Chicago, Xni-Pec has some of the best Mexican food in Chicago. Tamarkin and LTH say so.

• More on Sweet Collective. We hope they saw - and weren’t offended by - our comparison of them to the partitioning of Iraq.

• Places where you can watch the Bears and eat for free. Also of interest: where to watch the Cubs if you don’t have cable! Oh well, MLB hates you.

• Mmm…winter squash time! The gourds are so iconic because they remind people of the two best holidays of the year, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

• Most clever fusion idea of the week: dim-ssam, available now at Le Lan. Yeah, you wish you thought of it.

• It’s Chili-A-Go-Go, Round 3! Hopefully there will be more details about how to enter in the near future.

[Photo: Big Mo’ sort of cheers us up. Oh yes, King Size. (All Candy Expo)]


Triangulating The TOC: Inside The Mind Of Charlie Trotter