Trans-Fats Fines Round One; Gordo Like Breasts

Others agree: The Ciprianis’ “deal was sugary enough to let the nattily dressed pair stride out of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo’s courtroom looking like the cats that ate the cannolis.” But they forgot to mention the bimbos in Lambos. [NYP]
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On the Ciprianis Cooking Pasta — and the Books!

In his new book, Gordon Ramsay reveals the importance of private-equity firm Blackstone in his career, like the company’s bankrolling “the installation of a chef’s table, where … three women showed their appreciation by baring their breasts to the cooks after one convivial meal, he writes.” Way to keep it classy, Gordo. [Bloomberg]

The first round of trans-fats fines, ranging from $200 to $2,000, have been issued to restaurants across the city including Little Guyana Bake Shop in Queens — whose owner “didn’t know [the new rules] applied to bakeries as of yet.” [NYP]

Ed’s Lobster Bar made a list of restaurants serving the best oysters, but Pearl Oyster Bar did not. More evidence that the student surpasses the teacher. [Gridskipper]
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Manhattan is becoming a Japantown, and that’s a good thing, with options like BarFry and Kyotofu. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Tailor hands you a check clipped with a clothespin, and BLT Market affixes its daily specials to the menu with one; are the restaurants copying the French Laundry, or is the trope “part and parcel of the whole ingredients-first, back-to-the-land approach of many restaurants. (An approach that’s contradicted, perhaps, by how much the ostensibly homey, comforting dishes cost.)”? [NYT]

The new Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx is “infinitely better for the fish than the old one at South Street Seaport, where the product was exposed to the elements … But still, many of the guys who have worked the market for a long time miss the old digs.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

The first category in a roundup matching drinking types to beer bars is the “Wine Lover.” [TONY]

A Westchester pizzaiolo has been making a bit of counterfeit casholo at the Brick Oven Pizza Shop and Frankie’s Homemade Ice Cream. [NYP]

Trans-Fats Fines Round One; Gordo Like Breasts