Ticking Down The TOC: Old Town Brasserie

Finally, a Halloween issue we can get behind! Maybe it’s because it’s aimed at our demographic and not old people in the suburbs with insufferable children. Yes, please, glow-in-the-dark beer and chocolate skulls. Even though skulls are totally 2006, and glow-in-the-dark beer reminds of us of the glow-in-the-dark shrimp from this morning…it’s close enough. Especially because the chocolate has fancy stuff like sea salt and chili in it.

Also, until 10 seconds ago, we did not know it was legal to combine white wine and vodka. We feel like if we tried it ourselves, we’d screw it up - especially because we don’t have cinnamon, chamomile and orange rind on hand for the proper infusion, nor do we know jack about ratios. Guess we will have to go to Custom House for the real deal. Because we could use one of these ASAP - we think it would cure our food poisoning somehow!

So having never cooked ever, we’ve decided we’re a genius chef and there’s nothing we can’t make, on the fly, without a recipe. That’s why we have absolutely no interest in TOC’s roundup of new cookbooks. Which is why we choose the one that isn’t really a cookbook - “My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals.” TOC says it’s mostly a coffee table book with pretty pictures and funny stories. Note that MP:Boston wrote a piece about the book this morning, and we’re quoted in it. Ooh, someone put us on the Internet! We’re kvelling!

Oh yes, and David Tamarkin went to Old Town Brasserie, whose menu came into our inbox mere moments ago. Tamarkin couldn’t stop swooning over the classic, super-solid French fare. Except when it came to the occasionally spotty service and not-up-to-perfection appetizers. But otherwise, the tournedos of beef and veal are purportedly out of this world. It should be interesting to see how he rates Brasserie Ruhlmann in comparison.

[Photo: when they sent us the menu, this is the fraction of the logo we got. You can make out the “LD” in Old and the “AS” in Brasserie]


Ticking Down The TOC: Old Town Brasserie