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Three Versions of Tailor; Paul Adams Bugs Out

Danyelle Freeman hits Tailor and finds its tiny menu and weird food ill-fitting the talents involved. “Mason glimpses at genius…” Restaurant Girl says, but “[y]ou leave Tailor still craving dessert.” Ouch! [NYDN]

Moira Hodgson likes Tailor a little, giving the place two stars and only bemoaning the fact that there wasn’t more of the food. “But the tastes were so tantalizing I came back another night to try everything again,” she says. [NYO]

And then there’s Randall Lane, who gives Tailor a four-star review. (Of course, that’s out of six.) Still, it’s a lot, but it seems to be mostly for Eben Freeman’s cocktails. Lane found the food, especially the “sweet” half of the menu, to be a pretty mixed bag. [TONY]

Paul Adams visits Toloache and likes it but gets all wrapped up, as most of us have, in the fact that they serve bugs there. The difference is in Adams’s superior descriptive skill and willingness to apply it to fried grasshoppers: “[They] remind me most of crisp-surfaced raisins, with a distinct lemony-fruity flavor that’s backed with a toasty, almost singed taste.” Interesting. And … ew! [NYS]

Frank Bruni happens across Park Slope’s Moim, likes the food inordinately, and probably would have given the place two stars had it not been for the terrible service. No doubt his rave about the Korean cooking will help fill the place, which he says was half-empty on his visits. [NYT]

The New Yorker, late to the game, hits Wakiya and finds, as everyone else did, the food mediocre and the cost outrageous: “Such airy nothings are hard to take seriously — a problem for a place with the ambitions, and the prices, of Wakiya.” [NYer]

Three Versions of Tailor; Paul Adams Bugs Out