The Voice Of The (College-Aged) People

Generally, when we want to check out the buzz on a particular Boston restaurant, we turn to Chowhound, Yelp, or Citysearch. Today, however, it occurred to us that Facebook, the social-networking site originally for college students and now for everyone and their mother, could be an excellent tool for gauging the dining opinions of Boston’s younger population. Like many of our peers, we’re pretty obsessed with Facebook. We enjoy games of Scrabulous (side note: MP: Chicago’s Adam P. will demolish you in Scrabble) and, since we’re intensely nosy, we very much enjoy the “News Feed” feature, which, as a friend once pointed out, is “like US Weekly, but it’s about your friends.” For those unfamiliar with Facebook, one of the best parts of the site is the ability to join groups, which can be based on anything from alumni affiliation to shared interests (we, for one, count both “The Dedham Mall Reference In The Departed = Awesome” and “I’ve Got Talent cuz I Went To Boston Arts Academy” among our memberships). A surprising number of Boston restaurants have their own Facebook groups. Without further delay, here are the top five Hub restaurant Facebook groups.

Restaurant: District
Group Members: 606
Best Comment on Group’s “Wall”: “Hmmmmm, I am Super Hungry! I am craving some Italian.”

Restaurant: The soon-to-open Cafeteria
Group Members: 425
Best Comment on Group’s “Wall”: “anxiety is running by newbury st. expecting what cafeteria Boston is going to be…i cant wait to see the new hot spot in boston lol.”

Restaurant: Yo! Berry
Group Members: 274
Best Comment on Group’s “Wall”: “ooonly when the yogurts gone….i feel like dyinggg. i feel like dyingg.”

Restaurant: Vlora
Group Members: 233
Best Comment on Group’s “Wall”: “I still enjoyed it even though I didn’t like the fish-egg appetizers, guess that’s just my taste though.”

Restaurant: UBurger
Group Members: 98
Best Comment on Group’s “Wall”: “You guys make awesome burgers! Each bite makes up for all the love I didn’t receive as a child!”

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The Voice Of The (College-Aged) People