The Tuesday Report: Pie, Pie, Must Try!

It’s an interesting week for the Tuesday report. After last week’s utter dearth of news, this week contains only three items, none of which concern Boston proper. We have some theories about why the Boston restaurant scene is so slow (most prominently that lots of places just opened), but still, we quite wish there was more news. Sigh. Nonetheless, life goes on and all that, so let’s report what we can, shall we? Yes.

•Somervillians, rejoice! Chowhound reports that Taqueria La Mexicana is expanding! The owner has purchased the building next door which formerly housed the Irish Eyes pub and expects to complete the renovations this winter. When all’s said and done, there will be an 80 seat dining room with (wait for it!) a full bar!
Zagat reports that a bakery called, simply, Pie will open in December in Newton Centre. The Globe corroborates this in perhaps our favorite story of the day (please, please, please click through and check out the photo. What happened, guys?), which also includes this choice quote from owner Ellen Kaplansky: “When you mention pie, you have to smile. … They’re like firemen - how can you not love a fireman?” Indeed.

•Sad news for Reading folks! According to A Passionate Foodie, Savory Tastes Cafe has closed. The good news: it will hopefully resurface in a new location and chef Stephen Bell is still available for catering.

Taqueria La Mexicana is expanding [Chowhound]
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[Photo: Flickr: p medved]

The Tuesday Report: Pie, Pie, Must Try!