The Tuesday Report: Not A Great Week

Oof. This hasn’t been the best week for Boston restaurants. We’ve got only opening to report and an extremely sad closing. Ordinarily, we choose to measure the health of the city’s dining scene by the number of openings, but we’re still in a good enough mood from the World Series (and today’s parade!) that we’re going to keep on believing that Boston can do no wrong right now.

The Beantown Bloggery reports that a second Morton’s, The Steakhouse will open at the Seaport on Friday. OMG! Just what this city needed! Another steakhouse and another chain!

Changes of Plans
•Remember when we told you a month ago that Tapeo was planning to open a second branch in Southie’s Allele condos? Yeah. Change of plans. Tapeo has apparently backed out and Boston Condo Report claims that a Jae’s Cafe will take its spot instead. We called Boston Condo Group, who were unable to confirm. Developing!

•The Newton Tab reports that the West Street Grill in Nonantum is closed, although its unclear whether its for renovations or forever. Nonantum sure is fun to say, isn’t it?
•In the BS OF ALL BS, the Globe reported today that soul food emporium Bob’s Southern Bistro will shutter in December, only to be replaced by (shudder) Night Town, an “upscale lounge for college students and young professionals.” We’ll readily admit that Bob’s has gone downhill since its glory days as Bob The Chef’s, but the fried chicken remained incredible and the restaurant was always plenty of fun. It will be very sorely missed.

[Photo: Flickr: greenbeangirl74]

The Tuesday Report: Not A Great Week