The Polish Banh Mi

This city isn’t lacking for good banh mi. There are plenty of quality spots like Cafe Nhu Y, O Sandwiches and the ever-changing hole-in-the-walls around 9th & Washington. But what Philadelphia lacks is the Polish banh mis of the Brooklyn restaurant Silent h. The New York Times’ City Room blog just tried them out:

A friend dragged me recently to a new Vietnamese place called Silent H at 79 Berry Street in Williamsburg. The shop’s name refers to the fact that the ‘h’ is often silent in the Romanized version of Vietnamese, including in the owner’s name — Vinh Nguyen, 28.That part of Brooklyn, which includes Williamsburg and Greenpoint, has one of the largest concentrations of Polish immigrants in the United States.And there on Silent H’s menu: A banh mi sandwich called “the Greenpoint” made with Polish kielbasa.You can experience four countries and three continents in one $6.50 sandwich. Only in Brooklyn!

Locally-oriented banh mis? This only means one thing… That the race for a cheesesteak banh mi is on. Chopped steak, cilanto, jalapeno peppers and a baguette? Sweet baby Jesus, we’re imagining this right now. Do it, someone.

France Meets Vietnam Meets Poland in a Broklyn Banh Mi [City Room/NYT]

[Image via Jennifer 8. Lee / New York Times]

The Polish Banh Mi