The Dig Digs Boston, Burns

The Weekly Dig, everyone’s favorite local paper with an ever-revolving staff, has opened voting for its annual Dig This Awards. Bostonians can vote in a wide range of categories on everything from food to…well, actually, their “next” button seems to be less than functional at this exact moment, so right now, it’s just food. Nonetheless! There are certainly a wide range of categories, but we must take umbrage with some of the nominees. Not only does the pizza category neglect each and every one of our favorites, but the Middle Eastern category neglects both Rami’s and Shawarma King. Guys, that’s just unreasonable!

Perhaps the best part of the Dig’s list of nominees is that almost every category contains a notable burn in their omissions: one restaurant that is among the very top of its genre, but mysteriously not nominated. For example, the nominees for Best Burger are Audubon Circle, UBurger, Bambara and Porter Belly’s Pub, which is a total burn on Grille Zone. Best Burrito? The Dig says Taqueria La Mexicana, Burrito Express, Boca Granda Tacqueria, and Boloco. Burn on Anna’s Taqueria. Your options for Best Steakhouse are Smith & Wollensky, Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Grill 23 & Bar. There is no mention of either KO Prime or Mooo…..

If you want to vote, the polls are open until Halloween. We, for one, are anxiously awaiting the results.

Dig This 2007 [Weekly Dig]


The Dig Digs Boston, Burns