The Blender

As middling as some may think the Guardian overall, we can’t look at it objectively, especially the food section. We did an internship there many years ago and, through that as well as our regular perusal of the city’s last independent alt-weekly, we have developed something of a man-crush on Contributing Editor Paul Reidinger, who has been the food section maven for as long as we can remember. We’ll try to keep it in check here, but one thing we’d like to introduce, both as a tribute to Reidinger and because it’s a good 10-second guide to local culinary trends, is the re-publication here of the Blender, the Guardian’s five-part hit parade of the local food scene:

(1) Amberjack collar, Sebo, SF

(2) 2006 Cline Viognier, Nectar Wine Lounge, SF

(3) Lunch buffet, Mehak, Berk.

(4) Marmalade coconut, lemongrass shrimp over jade noodles, Citrus Club, SF

(5) Split pea soup and pumpernickel bread, Pea Soup Andersen’s, Buellton

And we promise to give both the weeklies a more thorough going-over in just a bit.

The Blender [San Francisco Bay Guardian]


The Blender