Terrorizing The Tribune: Shikago & Kevin Pang’s Last Hurrah

Yes, it’s factual - this week is (probably) KPang’s final At Play or whatever it’s called.

He’ll still be at the Trib, but in the Tempo section. Good news for the broader world of Tribune readers, bad news for us. We looked forward to, and were consistently amused by, Kevin’s output, and no one else provided us with swag (fish taco pride!). It was too good to last.

BUT we must soldier on, since anyway our number grows much faster than it dwindles. Kevin’s final two articles were on 1) a semi-U.-of-C-affiliated foodie who is obsessed with cataloging the foodways of the South and Southwest sides. Never heard of a mother-in-law sandwich? Culinary you are not missing much, but it’s truly a cultural treasure. (As an aside, we have to say we have no idea why Peter Engler couldn’t just take the 47 bus straight to Washtenaw? How could it possibly take five transfers?!) And 2) Takeout in 60657. He reviews eatZi’s and Hai Yen, finding them both reasonably good at what they do (providing reasonably good food, reasonably quickly, and at a reasonably reasonable price). We think the structure of the feature (“Take It Away”) mandated that he try to find a “winner” between the two, and rightly noted that such a comparison is stupid. Keep on telling it!

Okay, the rest of it. Phil thought the food at Shikago was absolutely delicious, but took issue with the name, odd entrance location, and TVs in the take out area. Well, whatever. In another article, Phil muses about our changing times via the institution of dinner and the procurement of a liquor license at Manny’s. And so we move into the future, bravely eating our corned beef on rye past dark, and with a beer!

Finally, Glenn Jeffers braved the eateries of an institution that we find 1/4 fascinating, 3/8 depressing and 3/8 horrifying: the suburban megamall complex. He ate absolutely no food whose precise doppelganger couldn’t be found elsewhere. Good thing we have people like Engler, fighting the good fight.

Shikago [MenuPages]
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eatZi’s [MenuPages]
eatZi’s [Official Site]
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[Photo: Kevin, from Harvard’s website, no less]

Terrorizing The Tribune: Shikago & Kevin Pang’s Last Hurrah