Soundly Trouncing The Sun Times: Cocktails, Trotter, Waters, Olive Oil

No, that’s not an incantation to raise the Great Satan (although if you say it backwards…) Instead, it’s a summary of what hoi polloi need to know about food this week. Fancy cocktails, or maybe we should even say mixology, are hot right now. Did you know that a place called the Velvet Hour serves cocktails? News to us!

On the other hand, we legitimately enjoy every write-up of a Charlie Trotter anniversary event we come across, including this one. Plus, Janet Rausa Fuller almost reveals her age! Scandalous.

On the third hand, we’re sort of bored of the Alice-Waters-Goes-On-Tour article, even though we like Ms. Waters. This one had an interesting insight about how Waters disdains molecular gastronomy: “Looking at food as entertainment, that’s how we got into this mess,” said Waters, apparently. “I want to look at food as tasting and looking and being so I can recognize it.” Okay, well, that’s true, but mole-gas is not the right target. Molecular gastronomy is high art, and it’s not the same as deep frying a hot dog because it tastes good. There’s more than one way to respect food!

On the fourth hand (this week is like conjoined twins), everything you needed to know about olive oil. Assuming you basically didn’t know anything about it before. And if the article is too daunting, a glossary. Incidentally, the NYTimes dining section featured an article on curing your own olives today. Coincidence? We say, certainly yes.

[Photo: Chuck, plotting his next move. a day with clay]


Soundly Trouncing The Sun Times: Cocktails, Trotter, Waters, Olive Oil