Robotizing The Reader: Honky Tonk BBQ, Paramount Room, Rosebud Prime

What we like about Paramount Room and Rosebud Prime, reviewed in today’s Reader, is that one is PR and the other is RP. Anne Spiselman and Kate Schmidt, thank heavens, have more fleshed-out opinions on the restaurants.

Ms. Spiselman thinks that the Guinness Stout-braised Berkshire pork shank at PR is worth braving the ADA-inaccessible gastropub’s poor service and otherwise hit-or-miss food. It’s also worth noting that an “optional complimentary bourbon-cured foie gras” can be added to a lackluster French toast brioche - notable because Anne seems to get all the illicit-foie-related assignments!

Meanwhile, Ms. Schmidt was underwhelmed, bordering on horrified, by the tiny drinks, soggy fries and overcooked steaks at RP. How much can you expect from a chain restaurant with sports on plasma screens anyway, though? Highlight of the review: the use of the phrase “oyster liquor.” Is that why they’re called oyster shooters…mmmm. But no, it’s not why.

Also, David Hammond went to Honky Tonk Barbeque (HTB?) and liked it. The ribs are good; what can one say. Oh, also that it’s BYOB. You know what’s good to bring to BYOB barbecue? A 375 of bourbon. You can drink it in a paper sack for verisimilitude! Also, the following:

Lisa: “Come to Homer’s BBBQ, the extra ‘B’ is for BYOBB

Bart: What’s that extra B for?

Homer: That’s a typo.

Pilsen barbecue, a subterranean speakeasy, and a subprime steak house [Reader]

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[Photo: Oh man, we couldn’t find a screencap of the BBBQ invitation. So no photo.]

Robotizing The Reader: Honky Tonk BBQ, Paramount Room, Rosebud Prime