Just Plain Super

It’s nice the Burritoeater does a taqueria visit pretty much every three days. It keeps things regular in this crazy world of ours. It’s especially nice that this time they visited El Faro because we had not yet seen their general write-up of the place, which includes the assertion that that particular taqueria was the BIRTHPLACE OF THE SUPER BURRITO.

Now, San Francisco claims to be the birthplace of a lot of things: Irish coffee, cioppino and hippies, for example, claim roots in this town. But the invention of the super burrito leaves pretty much everything else on earth far behind. To pinpoint that invention not only to a certain taqueria, but to a specific date–Tuesday, September 26, 1961–gives us the kind of satisfaction known only to people like that guy who caught Barry Bonds’ record-breaking ball, or the children of the wizard who first combined chocolate with peanut butter. That is to say, total.

El Faro [burritoeater]

Photo Credit: The Amateur Gourmet


Just Plain Super