Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (10/18)

• Halloween in Philadelphia… Houses get egged, baby snickers get eaten and, damnit, everyone eats Sweetzels.

• More on the new South Street Mexican joint we reported on yesterday. Additionally, Drew Lazar mentions that the struggling Brewerytown neighborhood around the North Star Bar is getting a new coffeeshop from ex-Whole Foods cheesemongers Annie DiAntonio and Charlotte Altimare.

• A carb-free Cook & The Book.

• Montgomery County is getting a new restaurant that tries to offer “gourmet multicultural Kosher” (think Moroccan carrot confit, Australian meringue with berries and schwarma) with the new Max & David’s.

• It’s time for South Jersey Restaurant Week.

Where to watch the Rugby World Cup.

• How to purchase sushi-quality fish in Philly… without traveling to New York.

• Let’s give a hand to the newest in gadgetry, the one-click butter cutter.


Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (10/18)