Philadelphia: Candy Corn City

From the “who woulda thunk it department”: Philadelphia is the birthplace of candy corn:

Philadelphia was once the candy-making capital of the United States, says Jack Lees, owner of Casani Candy Company, who used to deal with the firm that came up with the treat in the 1880’s:”Wunderle came into existence in 1869 and they were the original manufacturers of candy corn and they made the pumpkins and the mixes.”Lees says, back in the day, Philadelphia had maybe 200 family-owned candy makers in the city, but one by one most folded, Wunderle in 1980. Candy corn itself has done much better. Once a Halloween seasonal offering, Lees says it’s now available year round.

Mmm… Halloween.

Remember, Candy Corn Was Born in Philadelphia [WKYW]

[Image via KYW]


Philadelphia: Candy Corn City