Momofuku 2.0 Almost Ready; Return of Choco Jesus

New and improved Momofuku Noodle Bar set to open next week. [NYT]
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More Greek chefs are invading New York; “gastro-taverna” Athens Tavern opens today with a menu from top Athens chef Yianni Baxevanis. [NYT]
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The chairwoman of the board of trustees of the James Beard Foundation resigned yesterday saying that her role as host of the PBS series Chef’s Story would make the show ineligible for awards. [NYT]

Gael Greene chats with “Wild” Chodorow about his stomach and pedicures.
[Insatiable Critic]

Soupy sauce or condimento? After the release of Batali’s video praising minimally sauced pasta, Bittman counters with a call for more liquid than starch. [Ed Levine Eats/Serious Eats]

Six-foot chocolate Jesus, My Sweet Lord, has been resurrected in Chelsea after a protest last year forced a gallery owner to take him down. [NYP]

The bartender at Red Hook Bait & Tackle is the one who actually caught the thug who had been holding up Brooklyn bars at gunpoint (including Bait & Tackle back in September). The bartender identified the bandit by his teardrop tattoo. [NYT]

Phoebe Damrosch’s rules of successful dining include “Do not touch your waiter.” [amNY]
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Brooklyn restaurant Miriam’s is offering a “Bible Menu” this month. [NYP]

Momofuku 2.0 Almost Ready; Return of Choco Jesus