Opening: Double Li

Okay, so it opened in January or something. Big whoop! We have the menu, and no one else does, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Actually, if we have the menu, then everyone else does, too. Which is okay, we suppose. Nothing in our Internet Age remains exclusive for very long - especially menus. Double Li has received a lot of LTH love, enough to perk up the ears of the Food Chain, and subsequently, our own. Where will the circle jerk of service journalism take us next? Stay tuned!

Oh, right, the menu. Well, it’s suspiciously short. There are eight appetizers instead of the usual two dozen, and two dozen entrees instead of the usually two hundred. The dishes are all Szechuan classics, so if you like Lao Sze Chuan, for example, you’ll probably like Double Li. We especially like the lit that accompanies the entrees - first because at many Chinese restaurants, you only get the name of the dish and have to guess about the rest, and second because, well, listen to this: “through chef’s performance, the orange peel has an outstanding orange flavor that is sweet & sour and a little spicy.” This is about the Orange Peel Dish, $8 with chicken. See, you learned a little, didn’t you?

On the other hand, Snow Mountain Shrimp’s description, “fresh crystal shrimp with delicate light sauce, served with house special sauce, $11,” raises more questions than it answers. Primarily, what are crystal shrimp? Are they these things? If so, right on. If not, this is our favorite new drug slang.

Yes, we did say suspiciously short earlier, because much of the menu is not in English! Observe:

Ahh! Does anyone want to translate? Probably not, but look how much they’re hiding from us monolingoids - surely their best items. We guess that if anything is going to remain exclusive (for at least a few more years) in our Internet Age, it’s going to be this.

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Opening: Double Li