Now On MenuPages: Coco’s Famous Deep Fried Lobster

Do not be alarmed! It is OK to deep-fry lobster - Roadfood says so. The comments from fried lobster lovers seem to be coming in from all over the country, except maybe New England (MP:Boston almost had an aneurysm when we described the dish).

And just because Chicago’s premiere fried lobster dispensary is a charmless storefront just south of the Loop doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the pleasures of this indulgent delicacy. Or anyway, so implies the user who submitted Coco’s to us last week, noting, “The have they best Fried Lobster I’ve ever had, and the rest of the menu is just as great.” The lobster in question comes with fries (TOC says they’re good), bread and coleslaw, $10.50 for a small and $21 for a large. If you clicked through to the TOC article, you’ll note that these prices are up $.65 and $1.05, respectively, from five months ago. This could be cyclical, or because of the increasingly meagre lobster harvests, or increased transportation costs. Each option is bad!

Coco’s also has wings and burgers and whatnot, but clearly you are not going there for anything but the fried lobster. And really, we want to assure you that it’s not a crime against eating to deep fry lobster! Especially when it’s one of those tails that’s been deep-frozen and put in a box and sent to Costco (a good maxim: it’s okay to deep fry anything that’s been deep frozen). It would be horrific if all lobster were eaten fried, but we think it’s perfectly acceptable as an occasional treat. Fry on, Coco, fry on.

Coco’s [MenuPages]

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[Photo: not Coco’s, but certainly tasty-looking, Rather Salty/flickr]


Now On MenuPages: Coco’s Famous Deep Fried Lobster