New On MenuPages: Twenty-One Restaurants OMG!

The other day, we noted that we were busy making updates to the site in order to excuse ourselves for the low blogging volume, and we just wanted to let you know that we weren’t sh*tting you. Here’s what’s new on the site in the past week, in alphabetical order, commentary where appropriate:

Al’s Pizza (way the hell out in Dunning)

Brasserie Ruhlmann (New!)

Coco’s (the fried lobster place)

Dollop Coffee Co

El Cubanito (check out the photos on LTH)

Forno Diablo

Franconello (the original, in Beverly)

Franconello (in University Village)

La Encantada (we’re almost positive someone wrote an article on this recently!)

La Isla Cafe

La Madia (New!)

Mac Kelly’s Greens n’ Things (in the Loop)

Mac Kelly’s Greens n’ Things (also in the Loop! You may recall we tried to clarify this on Tuesday)

Macello (New!)

Pepitone’s (New!)

See Thru Chinese Kitchen (in Woodlawn)

Stephanie (all we know about this Albany Park restaurant is that they serve Ecuadorian food on Sundays)

Thalia Spice (sort of new)

Tickie’s Belizean Cuisine (Belizean? Neat!)

Torpedo’s (KPang’s new favorite sub shop)

Wow Bao (in the Loop)

Phew! Good for us! Good for you!


New On MenuPages: Twenty-One Restaurants OMG!