New On MenuPages: Restaurants On The Outskirts

Some of you are going to be all like “blah blah blah that’s not the outskirts, it’s where I was born and raised, Goddammit, and it’s more Chicago than you’ll ever be!” But we don’t care. Here’s what’s new:

Rogers Park Pizzeria just opened, in fact, and nobody doesn’t like a new pizza place. It’s not really all that cheap (a slice of cheese is $2.25), but they have all sorts of fun crap like wings ($10 for $4.99), Italian Beef ($4.49), and tiramisu ($2.99). Also, the term “garbage,” used to describe pizzas with lots of toppings ($20 for 18”), should be banned. Why would you want to associate your most expensive menu item with refuse, anyway?

See Thru Chinese Kitchen, on 71st and Western, is like all the other See Thrus - cheap, reliable, and there. Probably the most extensive menu of any restaurant in some distance. Correct us (by sending us menus!) if we’re wrong. Best part: they deliver! Don’t be deterred by the curt, expressionless “hello” you get when they answer the phone; it’s all love from there, baby.

Pop’s Italian Beef on Kedzie is of somewhat more reknown than the other two. It’s a perennial stop on LTHForum’s beefthon circuit, and Chicago Burger Project was recently enamored with their IB, and especially their fries. If you were to make a trip out of your neighborhood to visit any of these greasebuckets, Pop’s is the favorite by just about any metric we can think of.

Tomorrow, new restaurants you might actually care about! And that are actually new!

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[Photo: IB and fries from Pop’s, Chicago Burger Project]


New On MenuPages: Restaurants On The Outskirts