Nancy Pelosi And Bob Brady? Italian Food BFFs.

There’s this old cliche that goes along the lines of Washington DC “combining Southern efficiency with Northern hospitality.” We don’t know if it’s true… but it is a city that’s lacking in homegrown cuisine. Besides half-smokes, well… we can’t think of any. Maybe that’s why Congressman Bob Brady brings good ol’ Philly Italian food from DeNofa’s in the Northeast down to DC for meetings of the House Administration Committee:

Here’s U.S. Rep. Bob Brady on Wednesday laying on a spread of veal and peppers and cold cuts from DeNofa’s on Torresdale Avenue. We’re in the Longworth House Office Building, next to the Capitol. We’re inside the office of the House Administration Committee, which Brady chairs. A sign in the hallway says, “No eating or drinking in committee rooms.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Most Powerful Woman in America, is here. Here for the mortadella. “This is one great day for us when he brings the food,” Pelosi says, between interruptions by House members asking for this or that. […] “Look at this,” says U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., picking up a delicate pastry. “This is sfogliatella. My grandmother had a pastry shop in New Haven.”

Yessir. Politicians like free food.

Building goodwill, one sfogliatella at a time [Daily News]


Nancy Pelosi And Bob Brady? Italian Food BFFs.