Morimoto: The Cookbook

Our very own Masaharu Morimoto (well, before we had to share him with New York) of Morimoto has a new cookbook out. It’s called Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking. April White of Philadelphia mag was kind enough to give us a sneak peak:

Variations on your favorite Morimoto recipes are here: rock shrimp tempura with wasabi aioli, braised pork belly, yellowtail buri bop. But more space is given to illustrating how to tie a traditional kimono samurai-style, tucking the boxy sleeves to make it easier to work, than to the elaborate knife techniques so essential to the book’s sashimi and sushi chapter. This is a cookbook to think about, Morimoto announces with a chapter titled “Recipes to Contemplate.” (Think blowfish skin caprese and chocolate-coated sweetfish liver.) The average DIY-er is advised to turn to the tuna pizza or more accessible Asian-spiced basics like grilled steak with garlic-soy jus, recipes in which Morimoto offers simple but successful kitchen tips.

Yeah, we’re not even going to try the chocolate-coated sweetfish liver. But, for the record, if you’re going to try that dish… We’d recommend a stop by the seafood place on Arch Street near 10th. That place is seriously amazing.

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Morimoto: The Cookbook