Madman Runs Amok With BBQ Knives; Traci Des Jardins Overboard on ‘Next Iron Chef’

A madman grabbed knives from the Texas Smokehouse Barbecue and started slashing people in Murray Hill until he was gunned down. [NYP]

Traci Des Jardins is the first one overboard at The Next Iron Chef. [Serious Eats]

A lot of good restaurants have failed health inspections, leading to: “You’ll pay $90 for a prix-fixe meal complete with foie gras and lobster at celebrity chef David Bouley’s namesake restaurant — just watch out for eight-legged appetizers.” [NYP]

Katy Sparks is on board at 10 Downing Street, stepping in for Scott Bryan. (Bryan, you may remember jilted the place at the altar and is now headed for a three-month southern hiatus.) [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]
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But Sparks is not alone in creating the 10 Downing Street menu. A mystery chef, currently employed in the city somewhere, is onboard too. [The Strong Buzz]

Just a warning: Thanks to a declining rate of exchange, “this year’s truffles are going to be as expensive as hell.” [NYS]

The biggest fortune-cookie maker in the country has taken to inserting depressing messages like “Today is a disastrous day.” [IHT]

The Harlem explosion may have come from an “illegal restaurant” operating out of the basement. [NYP]

Topps can’t handle the economic damage from a 21 million pound recall of infected ground beef and is going out of business. [NYP]

Madman Runs Amok With BBQ Knives; Traci Des Jardins Overboard on ‘Next