Bouley’s New Japanese Restaurant Off the Chain; ‘Top Chef’ Producer Tells It Like It Is

The restaurant that David Bouley plans to open next year with Japan’s largest professional cooking school will be a multilevel space featuring a robata grill, a Japanese room with Western touches, and a kaiseki dining room serving Kyoto-style seasonal tasting menus. [NYT]
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Scott Bryan has left Veritas, and not for 10 Downing Street, apparently. And, in underwhelming FloFab news, Daniel Boulud still hasn’t chosen a name for his master’s burger restaurant, and Lever House’s Deborah Snyder is the new pastry chef at Alto and L’Impero. [NYT]

The executive producer of Top Chef answers questions about cheftestants who hook up and challenges that didn’t make the cut. [NYDN]

Just about everything is okay with Top Chef’s Casey, from Hung’s personality to her boyfriend’s new K-Fed status. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Market Table has what “may be the best hamburger bun in New York at the moment” for its LaFrieda ground beef. [Ed Levine Eats/Serious Eats]
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Padma’s new cookbook, Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet, features “picture-perfect pages featuring plenty of Lakshmi” but also international recipes like the one here including hot-and-sour tomato broth with shrimp and cast-iron chicken with preserved lemons. [NYDN]

In honor of Columbus Day, Cuozzo takes a look at the (wonderful) state of Italian food, a.k.a “polyglot New York City’s national cuisine.” [NYP]

Bruni returns to the subject of restaurant names in order to praise the catchy and self-explanatory BarFry and admits his fondness for Basta Pasta. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Filming starts tomorrow in Madrid for the Paltrow-Batali (and Bittman) food extravaganza where “the stars were each given a different kind of Mercedes to tool around Spain in ” [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Bouley’s New Japanese Restaurant Off the Chain; ‘Top Chef’ Producer